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Tweed Valley Railway

We firmly believe that the Tweed Valley Railway is central to the strategic growth and sustainable low-carbon future of the Scottish Borders and north Northumberland.

Extending the existing rail network east from St Boswells to Berwick-upon-Tweed will build upon the proven success of the Borders Railway and provide enormous benefits and opportunities for businesses, communities and individuals. 


To provide strategic rail connection corridors north-south and east-west, improving journey times, both in region and cross-border, offering greater connection for residents and visitors.


To ease road congestion and provide greater travel, business and tourist opportunities. To link our world-class cycling facilities, and proposed walking trail within the Tweed Valley.


To encourage rail travel as a viable alternative to private vehicles. To facilitate decarbonisation, improving health and wellbeing through less pollution.

Tweed Valley Railway Campaign 

has been generously supported with a Cheviot Neighbourhood grant from Scottish Borders Council


To support sustainable economic growth. Increasing opportunities to live, work and study in and visit the Scottish Borders and north Northumberland, with easy access to and from major cities.  


To address inequality and accessibility for those in the Scottish Borders and north Northumberland at risk of rural isolation without private vehicles by increased access to public transport, expanding the population already benefitting from the re-opened Borders Railway.


To increase safety and resilience by replacing car journeys with statistically safer rail journeys. To provide a second rail route between Northumberland and Edinburgh.


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